“I just found about $700.00!”

What J Boogie found

made him thankful he wasn’t too tempted.


D and Jboogie at the house.

I was with a friend (one of the ‘kids’ Jboogie) the other day when he exclaimed he’d seen money.

When he got out to check, he grabbed a $100 bill floating in the slight wind.

Then he started snatching up wads of bills next to my car!

When we started looking at the bills there was $700. 3-$100 bills and the rest in $20’s!

We got so excited!

We went through a whole conversation about who’s money it might have been and all the things he could spend the money on.  He knew it belonged to someone else, and we had seen an elderly gentleman just getting out of his car when we arrived, so J wanted to be sure it wasn’t his before he asked the desk where we were waiting if anyone had reported money missing.

We had been waiting for a while when his mom came to the car a bit frazzled and upset; she had lost $700!

He was so proud of himself as was I, that he’d found the money and made the choice to return it to it’s rightful owner, even before we found out it was his mom’s.

I have the audio but can’t upload to the blog.

Now tell me, what would you do if you found $700 or more?

Tell me how your story would go?

Add your details….


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