You go girl, Gabby Douglas! and momma

I was so impressed with the young black gymnast Gabby Douglas.

I watched with the world as this little bright shining young lady won the hearts of the whole world with her little girl smile.

I cried as her mom cried, and said ‘you go girl’ when she came off the stage and raised her hand in a victory wave that seemed to make us all love her even more.

Then in an interview, I heard her give glory to the creator.
If only Gods Homies could get ahold of what it is this beautiful young woman has gotten ahold of.

I knew that mom had to be so proud!
I was proud for her!

What had this mom done to build her daughter to be the star she has become?
What could I do as an adult, an ‘old white lady’ who loves God and wants to see all my kids be everything the creator has created them to be?

Maybe these kids aren’t Olympians, but they are gifted and talented young people who I believe can do almost anything they put their minds to.

Unfortunately, I’m one of the few that see these young people as any more than ‘problem children’.

I’m imagining Gabby’s mom has faced challenges, but what was done differently? What could be done to bring out the best in Gods Homies to make them victorious in their areas of life?

Little Ms. Gabby has had her moms encouragement, most of ‘my kids’ have never seen their mom straight; without drugs or alcohol. Ask them if  they’ve been encouraged. They are street kids, without shoes, clothes, or food; gymnastics isn’t as important as survival.

Whatever the case I have to say that I’m proud of Gabby’s mom for being an incredible mom.

I’m proud of her for whatever sacrifice it took to get that smile on her daughters face.

And….I’m praying that even though not the biological mom of MANY youth, I might be blessed with just a portion of that ‘mom thing’ that Gabby’s mom has.  I pray I can encourage ‘my kids’ to be Olympians in their own field of life. She has encouraged me to believe God that they will have that type of ‘Gabby’ smile someday on their faces.

You go Gabby girl!
Now go give your momma a huge snuggle hug!
And… Give her one for me too! She deserves it.

She’s a mommy hero!!!


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