We need BEANS NOW………

Please send your beans…….NOW.

We aren’t asking for your money, however we know how to use it. We need food for the kids.

Today as I was driving I thought back on some of the things I’ve seen……and haven’t seen in years.

One of those things is hungry people.

I’ve seen hungry people over the years but what I haven’t seen is the amount there are at the present time in history.

……let me explain.

I drove to the park the other day and while I was walking through the secluded area, hidden under some trees were someone’s items. Their personal blanket and pillow along with a small cooler and some clothing.

Just prior to that I went to the river to sit with some of the GH youth. While walking along the old rail road tracks I spotted a place we could go sit closer to the river, then I told the youth to “come down”. While we were trecking down to the river on an unkept trail covered with vines, we spotted a small doghouse, bowls for food and water, some clothing, blankets, and cat food.

We may not be able to house all the people in our city, but I’d like to make sure they aren’t starving under our bridges.

Our first desire is to feed the elderly and handicapped in our community, if there’s enough left over we want to feed the homeless, please send your beans.


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