Social Media Butler

Who is a social media expert for?

The new buzz word:
“Social Media Butler”

*Anyone who wants to increase revenue.
This is for you.
Call now (812) 568-3904

*Anyone who wants to add a more personal touch to your social or business life.
This is for you.

*For those people who don’t ‘Do’ the computer or social media.
This is for you.

*If you raised your hand or eyebrow at any time when others have talked about Facebook, Twitter, My Space, or any other social media.
This is for you.

*If you have no experience or understanding of how those networks operate or what they do.
This is for you.

What are the benefits?

*Save time by allowing someone who understands

    that knowledge

to do what you don’t have time to do.

*Grow your business or social impact.

*Get a different view or opinion of what you’re trying to say to your customers, friends, and associates.

*Hands free.
You have Fun! doing what you do and let us bring your best to the public.

*We’re your personal paparazzi, but we’re on your side! We’ll add only the best to your social network.

*You’re customers, family and friends will see you enjoying yourself in real time. Only the photos, tweets, and online news that you want others to see will be public.

*We are a company that you can trust. We’re on your side.

*Save Money and who doesn’t want to save?

What is the cost?

* Our fees are very competitive starting at $25.00 an hr. plus all travel and hotel fees.
Call now (812) 568-3904

Why Us?

* We are a team of dedicated people who love to help others achieve personal success.

* We’ve been online since the early 80’s and have understanding of the online world.

* Simply put, if you succeed, we succeed.

* We are people of integrity, you can trust our team of experts.

Hi, I’m RitaAnn~
I’ve been working to help others achieve personal success for over 20 yrs.
My team and I look forward to helping you or your business use social media to expand.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you, so together we can find the best solution to help increase our revenue with social media with a more personal experience.

Call me <;;;;;strongnow<;;;;;/em

(812) 568-3904

I look forward to hearing from you,

……who is sitting patiently by the phone waiting for your call.


We'd love to hear from you, where you from, what brought you here etc. Please leave a reply.

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