Palestine and Israeli Teens come together in love and song.

As the news bring bad, to worse information to the world, there is a group of teens coming together to bring peace to their nations in song, team work, camping, and hugs.

Let’s cheer these young people on in prayer, pats on the back, financial backing and encouraging words.

Young people from the war torn regions of Israel and Palestine are coming together in the most unusual ways and apparently leaving with a much better view for the world and their homelands. With this type of dialog, youth who have burdens that are outside of most Americans understanding are working through things they will face for the rest of their lives if not addressed now. In hopes of making a better world for everyone, they put aside the fears, religion, and hurts they all endure as young people at war.

Personally, this is where our money should be going instead of all the guns we pay for to make this war. (according to online people around the world, the US is supplying and paying for war around the world.) I don’t have this evidence, but I do see hope in this group of young people.

What would the world be like if we spent more funds supporting this type of love?


One thought on “Palestine and Israeli Teens come together in love and song.

  1. Reblogged this on godshomies and commented:

    Cheer on the Next Generation of Kids in America. Here’s a group of Palestinian and Israeli kids loving one another and enjoying life.
    ONLY IN AMERICA! Now if the Middle East would teach love in stead of hate, the world might start to become better for them also. More LOVE means everyone working together for the common good. When this happens, the children can be happy, their bellies will be filled and their joy will be complete. HATE only brings death to children and to the future. WHY would any country or PARENT teach their child to hate others? Build this camp up financially so they can continue this wonderful work and cheer those young people on for doing the right thing.

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