Hi, I’m glad you stopped by.

I’d like to see if I can find someone who can make ‘mice’ out of some of these young people.  lol

I’m putting together a kids book and coloring book  to give out at our Leukemia Awareness Party. It will be a free give away for kids in order to inform them about Leukemia in a non threatening, yet educational way.

This is one youth that has to be in the book:

He will be giving the books to the kids,

the youth in the area he will be giving books to look up to him.

Marlin keeping everyone laughing. Encouraging Education for african american youth.

Go Marlin! on your coin operated horse. You always did keep me laughing.
Marlin, is Evansville, IN black youth making a difference in the community. Keeping us on our toes, making us laugh and moving forward to become one of the next generation of African-American Leaders. A STRONG supporter of Martin Luther King’s vision, and Educational Advocate, he shares a love for children and education and is eager to encourage the younger youth to educate themselves and become more self-confident. We are PROUD to support this young man.

Here are some of the other  ‘models’.

Enjoying LIFE!

Here I am world!
Sad News: Varus, being on top of the world and moving forward in life was recently shot, he is now facing paralysis. (Photo Below)

Evansville, Indiana Blue Man!

Thanks Evansville, Indiana Blue Man!

Zay with new dew. Mohawk syle


You look so much better when you smile


Marlin Fishing

Marlin Fishing

Sean aka White Chocolate

Proud Dad

Jo Jo

Sleepy head in the morning.

D'Lo Man of many dreams                            Marlin sleeping (upclose of his face)


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