African American Business Listing

Hey, before you do anything, join with us to help the youth learn to be business owners. Click on the share buttons, give us thumbs up and email our information to your friends.
Thanks in advance.
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(Next, do you drink coffee, tea, hot cocoa?) Fundraiser going on for Aurora Homeless Shelter. (help me keep these kids off the street and help them sell something legal.)

For more information on having coffee delivered right to your door:

For more information on starting your own coffee business:


See other ways how you can help:

Encourage our youth.

Hugs! and thanks in advance. Mrs. RitaAnn~



This is the area to add your local business if you are an African American.

If you’d like a listing, go to the advertising page. Just add some information to the comments section and we’ll contact you (leave a phone number).

We look forward to hearing from you.

Lil Rae, RitaAnn, Momma Rae and Lampy (name the young people call me.)



EVANSVILLE, IN African American Businesses

Adonis’s Grande Groceries


African American Museum

Buss ’em Licious Flavors

DJ Smiley

Dolla nd a Dream

Exclusive Ambitions


I Call Him Isreal

JB’s Place (African American Fashion)

Nate The Music Man

Omaha Steak Company: Reviews By RitaAnn~

Outstanding Flavors (African American Cookbook)

Young Take Off

The links below are a community effort project.

Items coming from this list if from different stores.

Building One another up.


Facial Cleanser / ProActive

Feminine Products

Finger Nail Art – Supplies

Mardi Gras

Men’s Shoes

Nail Polish

Oral Hygiene 

Recipe Ingredients

Toilet Paper

We’re Having A Baby!


We'd love to hear from you, where you from, what brought you here etc. Please leave a reply.

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