Business Ideas and Interviews

Home school mom gets inspiration from Guerilla “Marketing Brianiacs” Jay Conrad Levinson, and Seth Godin!

“In my opinion, these two men Jay and Seth, are the most artistic marketing braniacs of the century.” 

My life would be complete if I could sit and have a cup of coffee with both of them.





Business Ideas from:

  Go Home!

               “Guerilla Therapy for your business

                                  Idea Therapy for your peace of mind.” 



Go Home!

Encourage yourself with these Go Home!  products:

buttons, shirts, mugs and much much more.


private coffee room click here

coffee_iv  where random mom talk occurs. “coffee_iv” is my yahoo friend from many years ago. (if you’re out there say hello)

Coffee IV on Facebook

 BUSI-Mess (business in homeschool busi-ness terms)

* Robert Kiyosaki  on YouTube


Coffee Products

*Bob Bly   Copywriting expert

Kennon Fort

Ramon Williamson  Life Coach, Speaker, Author, Marketer

Linda Gale  Speaker, Author

Paul Hartunian:  Publicity

Willie Crawford:  Author, Speaker, Internet Marketer and all round great guy.

Seth Godin: Author, Speaker and Genius




Seth Godin Interviews Sir Richard Branson = On Business Failure


Here’s what we gleaned from this information:

1) Something like 80% of all businesses fail or go into bankruptcy.

2) Don’t take failure too seriously

3) Learn from yours and others mistakes

4) Don’t be embarrassed about your failures

Concerned about your technology being stolen? Here’s a video that can help you keep your items protected.



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