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Our Goal is to bring hope and encouragement to others by building them up in the strengths we have. This is the story of a man who wanted to be a father.

A dad’s plea for help.

This is RitaAnn~

Over the years I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to get to know people all over Southern Indiana. There’s no exception to that rule when it comes to the ‘south side’. Evansville, Indiana has the best people in the world living here!  Okay, I’m a ‘little’ biased. Some of the people I’ve had the opportunity to meet have become regular acquaintances, some friends, and some have become like family to me.

Enter… ‘Uncle D’ as his friends, family and passers by call him. (Note: this is approved by him.)

He is the dad of some of the youth that have come through my home. Single dad trying to raise kids that were taken from him early in their childhood, still in diapers, and through a long fight with ‘the system’ were returned to his home. After years of not growing up with their dad, the kids were in NO way, shape, or form about to live with this ‘stranger’, let alone follow his rules.

First, read the information below and close your eyes trying to imagine what it might be like.

Imagine taking in 5 kids that you know are biologically yours, but they don’t know you.

You LOVE them because you were part of their lives when they were born until they were toddlers. You were there to change the diapers, feed them, hold them when they cry and comfort them when they were sick. These are YOUR kids, 4 boys and a girl that don’t know you. Now you’ve had one of the kids with you all along, so you and he have always been together, and he’s never had to share you.


They don’t know you?

You are just another person on the street. They know you are the ‘parent’ but no attachment or feeling is associated with that.


That gut wrenching, tight stomach, hurt that goes all the way up to your throat.

Now, if that’s not bad enough. These are street kids. Brothers. Considered a dangerous gang because that’s how they had to survive at different times. Tossed from foster home to foster home. BAD foster parents who misuse and abuse, as well as good foster parents who try to help. Separated because they were a gang in the eyes of the ‘system’.

Kids, protecting one another, scared because of things they will never tell, and angry and bitter because they are alone without parental protection. SURVIVAL tactics; even in kids can be more than any adult would want to deal with.

Now, imagine you have little food, no income but SSI of about $400-$600 a month and you are handicapped.

Totally out of control, these young men, ages 14 down, wreak havoc in your peaceful home turning it into a home full of destruction,  gang related activity, confusion and disorder. You and the child you have had all these years are being torn apart. These are his brothers, but chaos is ripping your once peaceful home into something you don’t think you can handle anymore.

However, these are your kids. You aren’t wanting to give up on them, and, being the parent you are you stick with it.

Enter ME. <smile> Mrs. Rita

I met the kids during a terrible time in this family’s life.

They were at an age that I was able to get to know each child separately and have since become part of my life.  To this day, I’ve had the opportunity to get to know the family. I’ve watched a small part of the struggle, and heard the cries of the kids, parents, and outside family.

They have become ‘family’ to me over the yrs. and I consider it a wonderful opportunity to be able to do what I can to see this man live the latter of his days without worry or stress. Unfortunately, I am only one person with many kids I’m still trying to help.

‘Uncle D’ is respected by almost everyone I have ever met. This includes the good guys, and the bad guys. To put it in the kids lingo “Uncle D has mad street respect.” Even the police have respect for this dad, and believe me, when the guys first moved here to live with him, the police were involved quite often. He’s been there for his kids when most don’t even bother. He’s fought financially for kids he knew were his responsibility and kept fighting for them despite obstacles, lack of finance, no place to stay when he went out of town to fight for them, and no lawyer during the fight; all this, when almost anyone else would have given up. All the years, all the ‘red tape’, the system, the problem kids, and not even enough funds to support these kids, all for the sake of love.

The guys are older now and they are more mature, they have a better relationship with their dad and are building families of their own.

Now this is where you come in.

I would like to ask that you partner with me in honoring this father for doing what so many others wouldn’t attempt.

He has written a note for you, in his own words and handwriting.

At first I felt it would hurt him by asking for outside help, afraid the pride of a humble request might make him feel less of a man. That was not my hearts desire. I want to see him blessed. ‘Uncle D’ is a very humble man.

No electricity at times, no internet, no washer or dryer. He doesn’t watch television, (update he has a box tv now) listen to radio he doesn’t keep up with a new updated cell phone. He is a very simple man, living on what he gets from SSI.

Would you be able to support your family on $400-$600 a month?

He’s almost blind, so things you and I take for granted are precious to him.

He is so thankful for the little things in life that I can’t help but WANT to bless him and see him blessed

Now here’s what I’m thinking:

Consider that Starbucks coffee….. (Yes, I’m a fellow addict of the Vinte’ White Chocolate Mocha with and extra shot)

Go one less visit a week and send that exra $5.00 to this man to help pay for laundry soap each week. (Put a goal in your mind an get a gift card)

Or that teen who has to have the newest version of phone…… seriously, do they really need another phone? (that’s what I asked my kids) Send the funds you saved not buying the newest version or the extra finance that comes with the internet…or an item that might help this man during his elder years.

There are so many ways our family has cut back to help those in our community. It’s also a great feeling knowing that my donations are going toward someone who actually needs it and I know personally. I just love that! All the tax dollars we dish out to a system and we don’t even know where it’s going. My view on this subject according to youth that have been through my home is one I’d prefer not to share at this time.

So, stand with me in blessing this man in particular.

Find one….’something’ that you can do without. Something you know you don’t need anyway.

Trying to lose weight? Spend less on one meal a week and put all the savings on a gift card each month and send it to him.

Send bus tokens, gift cards, pay forward on electricity….there’s literally so many options! Make it a family project and teach your children to care for the handicapped and elderly.

I promise, it does something wonderful in me when I know I’m doing something for someone who needs it.


Here’s how his letter reads:

“I am a 51 year disabled man. I live below the poverty level. I have no furniture washing machine or dryer. I tryed to get a lone to start a small bissness but if you get SSI you can only get a (?) loan to go to school. So I ask for donasions. Please let god touch your heart that you might give from your heart. Thank You.”

From personal experience, I know this was hard and humbling for him to do as a man. He has been trying to  keep his head above water for some time now and I suggested he try to appeal to others. Your gifts of anything that will help him can be donated to the church by his house and if you add my name I’ll be sure he receives the gifts. I’d like to also video record anything given so that you would be able to participate in this adventure with me. I love doing things like this on my own but would love to bless our community even more. I don’t know legally how to take care of this type of thing other than having you send it to the church with mine and his name on it. I don’t work there, they just know me. I’m not affiliated with the church, I just love the work and effort they put into this wonderful, but hurting community.

My REAL hearts desire would be that you go with me to take any gifts to him personally. Yea, I know, that’s not always possible, but I don’t want you to miss out on the good stuff.

🙂   The Joy comes when you see someone that might have given up on hope, see something good happen. It’s like a joy that cannot be compared to anything else. However, if you’d like to send funds, my suggestion would be a gift card so he can purchase items such as toiletries, household items, dish soap etc.


2013-04-16 15.55.23

So start thinking now.

Ask yourself “what part can I play in helping this man live a little easier?” “What can I give up in order to give more?”

Those simple little questions are about to CHANGE YOUR LIFE my friend, and I can’t wait to hear from you, about how wonderful it feels.

You can also go here and any items you purchase will go back into the community.

For now, signing off and waiting to hear from you.


….mom of many not my own and loving the best city in the US!


The Potter’s Wheel of Evansville, IN

You can send items to:


The Potters Wheel
c/o  RitaAnn Evans/”Uncle D”
333 Jefferson
Evansville, IN 47713

RitaAnn~ If you send items to me, I’ll video, blog, periscope, snapchat, blab and wordpress the gifts being given to him.

Send to:

Rita Evans / Uncle D
11551 Upper Mt. Vernon Rd.
Evansville, IN 47712


If you have any questions, feel free to contact us by filling out the form below.

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