African American Cookbook


I know, I know, you were wanting a copy of Justin’s cookbook.

But sorry, NO Peeking!

It’s a secret and you’ll have to wait.

Now, if you’d like to get it at the least expense, you can pre-order it by sending an email to us.  Justins Cookbook or (remove the space after the @ sign)


let us know:

PRE ORDER (send NO money now)

1. Your name, address, and a phone we can reach you at.

2. If you’d like .pdf file that you can download and print yourself, OR if you’d like us to send you a printed version. (cost will vary at time of printing but we can send you an email or quick note to let you know when it’s ready.


1. What category your recipe falls under (Vegetable, Meals, Seafood, Deserts,

Drinks etc.)

2. What information you’d like us to add to the dish

(ex: “This was Granny Smith’s dish, my favorite because of the bacon flavor

and the way it made the house smell when she cooked it.”)

Possible history of the dish Granny Smith (Her name, birth place, dates of

birth/death, or any pertinent information to carry on her legacy)

3. Photo of the dish if possible

4. Your name, and how you’d like us to contact you.  (email, snail mail, phone?)

Send to:


and pre-order your book, or send your african american recipe today.

After your little survey, if you have a recipe you’d like to submit, we’d be honored to use it in his book.

Until then take a peak at this survey to help him finish it up:

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