*Models Needed

C. Taylor Modeling, Acting, Dancing Agency

Come join the FUN!


Our friend Jericho died from leukemia. Help us find

cure for this heartless disease.



Have you always wanted to do some type of modeling

but never thought you were quite good enough?

Maybe you just didn’t know who to trust with your

kids or yourself!

Modeling agencies may seem a little ‘shady’ or concerning.


C. Taylor Modeling Agency is joining their efforts with

Evansville, IN City Wide Leukemia Awareness Party! to bring a City Wide Party, and  community

awareness to this heartless leukemia disease.

They need folks of all sizes, shapes and ages to put

together some fun programing.

Now, if you’re in the modeling business or looking for

an agency to work with, Theresa is a ‘family friendly’

agency and anything C.Taylor Modeling Agency does is

good, clean, wholesome fun.

Heck, bring your grandma!

They’ve been in business for many years and Evansville, Indiana

loves the C. Taylor Agency. They’ve worked with

companies of all sizes like small start-up businesses, to

huge corporations like McDonald’s, Casino Aztar,

St. Mary’s Hospital and more.

If you’re interested, bring some nice photos.

Who knows?



We'd love to hear from you, where you from, what brought you here etc. Please leave a reply.

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