Evansville, IN Welcomes New Orleans Parades

New Orleans Parade in Evansville, IN


Click on the link above and support our efforts to make people in

Evansville, IN aware and spread information about leukemia.

Volunteer Musicians WANTED:


Come join the FUN!

Just a few talented musicians in the area:

Carl Rodenburgh (Blues man extraordinar)

John Urbina

Brian Hoeche

Now, these two brothers aren’t in our hood, but I see some great talent here.

I’d love to see kids all over the world’s  hoods doing this type of good clean fun using their gifts and talents.

Check out the link:

“Good clean fun, these guys are hilarious! and talented….

Love their tag:


Phillip and Emmanuel Hudson”

Mrs. Rita

 Listen here:

Emmanuel and Phillip Hudson – Ratchet Girl Anthem (SHE RACHEET!)


Emmanuel and Phillip Hudson – doo doo stains