Should Marijuana be legalized? Medical or not….

(Before you do anything, do you drink coffee, tea, hot cocoa?) Fundraiser going on for Teen Homeless Shelter. (help me keep these kids off the street and help them sell something legal, also your purchase helps them with a more secure future.)

Encourage, our youth.

Hugs! and thanks in advance. Mrs. RitaAnn~

Update on Homeless Shelter for Teens:


Things are moving slowly on the fundraiser. Fred and Portia Cook are wonderful people in the community. I recently visited them to find out more about what I’m able to do for the ‘kids’ teen shelter fundraiser. They are looking into a possible umbrella for the fundraiser.





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The youth are growing incredibly:

We watched an online debate about legalizing marijuana. The concern is now that some parents in legalized states are not able to take their children to the park. Apparently heavy drug users such as cocaine and heroin users are openly sitting and using narcotics in the parks while parents are there with their children.


Open discussion in youth.  The open drug use was a concern for the youth, though the general consensus is they would like it legalized.




Survey for Medical Cannabis is below.

Check EACH box that applies to your situation. Then tell your story.

Let’s try to get some information from all points of view.

NOTES:  10-3-2012 I’ve had people say they don’t want to take the survey because they want to remain anonymous. So, I’ve been going to homes and letting people use my laptop and phone to give their opinions. You may also fill out the survey without leaving your information. If you’d like to add your information in the ‘comment’ box, we will add it to our survey and delete your information so it remains anonymous.

Folks, I love God. Anyone that knows me knows that.

Putting up a survey for public opinion concerning Medical purposes is not wrong. This is part of an ongoing project to give youth an idea of the importance of public opion.

I know RELIGIOUS people who take prescription drugs wrongly, or drink alcohol to a drunken state.  I don’t judge that, so don’t judge me…….. ALL I need is stats.




Should Marijuana be legalized?

STEP 1:   Take our poll and see what others are saying: tell us your story too. Scroll down and reply or add it to the box.


STEP 3:  Scroll down and tell us YOUR story.

STEP 4:  Send to all your friends. Help us get public opinion. We Stories too. WHY? do you feel the way you do about the subject.

click here

Take a look at some of the political views and see what you think, then add your input. We are in particular looking for views of Medicinal Marijuana, but all opinions are also welcome.

Check out the survey after you’ve informed yourself. (note, the information on this page is in favor of medicinal marijuana due to most people already have a formed opinion)

NOTE: the website designer is neither for, nor against medical marijuana. This survey and information will be used for further information. YOU’RE input is necessary for stats, please help.


Point for NOT legalizing marijuana:

With all the talk about legalizing marijuana floating about, the question for me isn’t whether we should legalize it or not, but the question

amongst all the arguing and politics…..and, let’s be real, who gets the money…….but the question should be “what about the next generation of leaders?”

I recently heard an interview on both sides of the coin. One issue the police officer brought up resonates in my thoughts; he lives in a state where

weed, tree, cannabis or whatever name you  choose to call it is legal and his concern was that when he takes his children to the park, there are people

running drugs in their veins. Okay, that’s a problem.    We have been so caught up in things that are beyond our understanding that we’re not seeing the

children. The kids are the ones who suffer.

Medical Marijuana – Luke’s Story

This story is sad. You really should watch it.

Retired LAPD

See what some officers and other advocates are saying:

Here you go “Old School”

Reefer Madness“, a short movie about the dangers of marihuana use. Yes, it’s spelled with an ‘h’.

Reefer Madness

June 1936

Mass. Prohibits Marijuana
October 1937

Booking photo of Samuel R. Caldwell.

Booking photo of Samuel R. Caldwell.

Samuel R. Caldwell, 58, of Denver, Colorado, became the first marijuana seller arrested under federal law. He was also the first convicted.

Caldwell spent four years in Leavenworth Penitentiary.


Robert Randall, First Medical Cannibis Patient

Robert Randall at home. Terry Ashe/Time Life/Getty

Note:  Dr. David Allen

Dr. David Allen  Heart Surgeon and advocate of medical marijuana. Study finds that marijuana helps stroke victims recover. Dr. Allen says “no other medicine made by man can help in this manner.”

“A bud a day keeps the Dr. away”.


“The latest poll results point to the absurdity and even venality of persisting with harsh prohibitionist policies,” said Ethan Nadelmann, founder and executive director of the Drug Policy Alliance, in a statement on Monday. “No other law is enforced so harshly and pervasively yet deemed unnecessary by so many Americans. Spending billions of dollars and arresting over 800,000 people annually for violating marijuana laws now represents not just foolish public policy but also an inappropriate and indecent use of police powers to favor one side of a cultural and political debate.”  Huffington Post

Read more by clicking on the above link.



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