Grandmother Says…..

You do not really understand something unless

you can explain it to your grandmother

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Albert Einstein

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Grandma’s are the Greatest. Show HONOR and RESPECT for those who lead the way for this country to be a better place.

Tell us what muses, thoughts, or inspiration

your Grandmother shared with you.

 Upload a photo of her also, we LOVE Grandma’s. 

I never got to spend much time with my grandparents on either side.
I’m a military kid. We were separated by distance from our grandparents much of our lives and saw them only occasionally throughout the years.
The few memories I have are okay, but they were small glimpses of time with older people that I had a familiarity with, but really didn’t know. Knowing that someone is your ‘family’ or ‘blood’ is one thing, but spending time with someone who has wisdom, who loves you and shares their experiences, laughter, hugs, and life experiences is another completely separate from what I had. That’s not a ‘bad thing’, in my case, it was exactly as my Creator meant it to be.

I suppose looking back, I took hold of several older persons to make up for the lack of having a grandparent in my life. I’m not sure if I was searching, or if they found me, but I have been incredibly blessed with some of the most wonderful elderly people to have come through a persons life.

The first ‘grandparent figure’ in my life that I can remember was an old gentleman around 80. I met him somewhere along the line after school and did some gardening and embroidery with him. My parents had no idea I was going over there after school. They had no idea who he was! So I very fortunate that he was a good man. I was so blessed to have had the opportunity to get to know him but things could have turned out badly for me (*parents, KNOW where your children are; they do wander and don’t understand the dangers out there. ASK your children questions about who they are spending time with and where those people live.) I’m a latch key kid and that seemed to get me in trouble quite often. Thankfully, God had other plans for me, as this wonderful person taught me about this man named Jesus he also talked about loving a God I couldn’t see or hear. I was just a kid, met a new friend and enjoyed time. His gentle smile, willingness to share his stories with me, and his loving and kind friendship and memories of him have lasted for many years, and I’m so thankful he was in my life. There’s no recollection of his name, how I met him, or of his funeral, family or names of friends. He just disappeared, never came to the door and never said goodbye to me. I didn’t understand; I was about in 6th grade so I started making new friends to make up for the loss of ‘my friend’. I could spend hours with him drinking southern made sweet tea and working in his garden with him. Big straw hat with hoe in hand, he looked so fragile while working, but had so much strength in his voice that I guess I thought he would be there forever. Wow, life has a way of throwing a curve ball. I still remember the feeling of him not coming to the door when I kept going to see him. I think it was my first experience with the feeling of a loss. I still miss him when I think about him and wonder who he was and why I had that wonderful friendship and time with him. I’m thankful for that time all these years later.

Another wonderful elderly gentleman that shaped my life was my pastors dad; Colby. There are not many words I can say about him that don’t make me want to cry because I still miss his love, wisdom, laughter, strong faith and his smiling eyes. He was a mix between E. W. Kenyon, Kenneth Copeland and Tim Conway. Faith and Funny mixed into one man. He was strong, like a man should be, even though he was in his late in years. We went to nursing homes together and he taught me how to LOVE those who had been forgotten. He was filled with faith as if he KNEW this God he talked about. He was funny when he thought about something that tickled him he would get that look like he wanted to laugh but would hold it back and try to keep a straight face. A REAL Spiritual leader; which America lacks today and should have more of. He helped shape my future in the things of God and Life. Had he not been an influence in my life, I would have been a completely different person; I’m confident of that. I’ll forever miss him and be reminded of his wisdom both in the physical realm on earth and the spiritual realm of which he has helped me to understand.

Another of my wonderful adventures was with a lady that lived next door to my aunt. This lady’s name was Mrs. Spillman. I only visited my Aunt Cindy from time to time over the years because we didn’t live near her, but when I was there I would try to go next door to see Mrs. Spillman. She wasn’t sure what to think of me I’m sure. I was this ‘kid’ that would see her outside and then find a reason to go talk to her; I’m not sure why, but I loved listening to her wisdom. To this day, there isn’t much I can remember about her other than the way she made me feel; safe and secure. I remember her fussing at her husband while he sat in his lounge chair watching television when she would rather have him doing something outside. She seemed like the type of person that could be my grandma because she was loving and kind to me and she always told me what she needed to tell me. One of the most found memories I have of her are standing on the hill together between the yards and watching people at my aunts yard sale. We stood silently for a long time when she told me to watch the people. I did. Then she said “you can always tell a persons character by watching them” and she began to explain as she pointed out different people we were watching. That memory has stuck for 20+ years and has been very helpful in my journey through life.

What I can remember about my grandmothers is good. They were loving and kind and made me feel loved; usually they were visiting with my parents while we children were in another room playing, I wish I had been able to enjoy their company more and have the memories my cousins have of them, but I have been put on a different path and missed out on those experiences that no time can give back because they are gone. It’s sad to me, but I also understand that’s life and how it’s rolls.

Well, that’s my experience with older people, as well as my grandmothers in a nut shell. I wish I had more good memories of my grandmothers but I suppose they were like some of the other older people in my life. I can’t say that’s a bad thing; though I do wish I had been able to spend more time with them.

There are a few things that my grandmothers said that have served my memory for many years; though I didn’t understand how important those words were until I’d gotten older.


Here are some things I feel are worthy of passing along that my grandmothers told me:

1) Pray.
2) Never let the sun go down on your anger.
3) Love never fails.
4) If you make me giggle too much I’ll pee my pants!

Now that I’m older, though my biological two are still young, I’d like to hear what other grandmothers tell their grandchildren in the way of advice.

Now let us here from you.

Tell us what your grandmother has to say:


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