Home for Teens/ UM…NOT

Things don’t seem to be coming together. I don’t want to see the youth get discouraged. If you purchase coffee, tea, or hot cocoa, please think about purchasing from us.
All year round.

Many of the youth (now 18-25) that have come through my home have been homeless.

They are determined to change this and are doing something about it.

I’m sooo proud of them!

Partner with us as this next generation of Leaders is turning the problem of Teen homelessness into solutions.

The first thing we (want) to do is partner with Aurora by doing some fundraising for them. Aurora

We still don’t know how to put this together, so if anyone can help…..we need all the help we can get.

So if you purchase Coffee, Tea, Hot Cocoa or other item from this company you will be partnering with us to make changes in our community.

This particular site is RitaAnn’s site for the kids to sell product Join there and purchase a box of something. This helps them focus on selling legal items.

Some other areas we’ll be working on:

Self Sufficiency



Sewing  (sewing machines are needed)

Business Skills


Computer Class

Education for those that “just don’t learn”


We'd love to hear from you, where you from, what brought you here etc. Please leave a reply.

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