Grocery Stores can send monthly beans

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Donate the cost of a bag of beans, a whole case, or if you’re a bit uncomfortable doing it online, send the beans to the address below.
Here are a few fun thoughts on how YOU CAN HELP:

*Get your group, school, or business together to do a scavenger hunt for beans. Then send the beans to us. (scroll down for the address)

Offer a prize for the most varieties collected by a team.

*Have your local grocery store send a bag of beans in your name each month for

you when they get a new shipment.

Talk to the manager of the store. (don’t forget to donate back to your own area if they have a box for giving – all times of year.

Ask if he will match your efforts to send a bag of beans with each new shipment he gets in the store.

It’s such an odd thing so they might enjoy a fun challenge to their day.

Our grocer is wonderful.

*You might also see if the grocery store would be interested in having their

employees join in the efforts. Help us feed the elderly.



Mrs. Rita

11551 Upper Mt. Vernon Rd.

Evansville, IN 47712



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