We’re NOT asking for money.


Okay, we’ll take your money if you don’t want to send beans. After I read back over the heading, I thought about not everyone wanting to send beans in the mail. Being a busy mom I wouldn’t want to take beans all the way to the post office. However, there are still those people who still don’t know about the internet being safe and would send the beans instead of the money. I am probably one of those people in the second part of the puzzle. So, trust your gut, if you’re not comfortable sending money over the internet: don’t. Just send your beans. That’s the whole thing we’re trying to promote anyway.  Right? Just be sure YOU’RE comfortable with what your doing.


PRINT THIS PAGE, PASS IT OUT TO ALL YOUR FRIENDS, post it on billboards, in businesses, college dorms, meeting rooms, on poles.

See little rae story. click here or scroll down.

We are on a mission to make a difference here,

in our own community.

We just want your beans.



We want to feed as many elderly, widows,  and handicapped as possible.

Will you send us your beans?

Send your bags of beans to:


Mrs. Rita

c/0 God’s Homies Beans

11551 Upper Mt. Vernon Rd.

Evansville, IN 47712

One bag of beans a month will help feed 1 elderly or handicapped person for a year.

Or send 12 bags to help us with faster relief efforts.


PRINT THIS PAGE, PASS IT OUT TO ALL YOUR FRIENDS, post it on billboards, in college dorms, put it in businesses.

YOU CAN help.

Fun donation ideas for groups and teachers:

Scavenger Hunt across the city.

Start in your own house, find bags of beans to donate.

A prize goes to the group with the biggest variety of bags of beans.

(lentils, peas, 15 bean soup, great northern beans etc.)

How many varieties can you find?

I’d like to have a contest for the groups/person that get the most beans. If you’d like to donate something for the groups team members, I think it would be more fun. Help us help others and have fun too!

(I’ll keep you updated with photos, videos or blog updates)

“I was thinking of something to write and realized the significance of something simple:


Now I realize, that may seem a bit odd.

Did you know that there are hungry people from the very young to the elderly, in the poorest parts of our cities (right here in America) in your “bad side…… of town”.

I knew an elderly lady in her 80′s who had no heat, no food, and got $10.00 a month food stamps. Who lives on $10.00 a month for food?!

What does that have to do with beans?!….

She ate cat food because it came in food boxes and she felt it’s all she had.

I have a better solution:   

Beans If I had enough beans I could feed more people.

….little rae  “

Ways everyone can help:

*Send beans to the address below or donate toward the purchase of beans.

*Get your community, girl/boy scout group, church group, civic, youth group and local grocery stores to send bags of beans.


We'd love to hear from you, where you from, what brought you here etc. Please leave a reply.

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