Martin Luther King, 1964

Martin Luther King, 1964 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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im on my knees working praying to make it perfect, we laying in gods hands but man we seem cursed,

cant focus on priorities we blinded by being hurt, so lets numb this Mindset, cause it feel like I have done this,

why set limitations on our imagination? lets get heavily sedated on a medication that’s been prescribed to open our minds, so while we outside lets take a peek inside being reminded of drifting on cloud 9,

& numbers don’t lie so uncover your 5 fantacys, i’ll demonstrate how we can penetrate our goals by infiltrating our foes fortress to obtain they fortune, is that enough for you? to prove my love for you i’ll move us away to being sure cause knowledge is power in its mental form, so ill show yall a river of wisdom of rich & poor, take a sip & you’ll get my drift!


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