Hello Evansville, Indiana!

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Hey Evansville, IN

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Have you heard about the City Wide Party?!

Click on the leukemia link to help us inform others in Evansville about

the disease that took our friends life.

Like many of us you may not have financial gifts,

BUT, by clicking on the link here, you can help.

Go on, click it, then come back. 🙂

Read further to see some other things you can do to help.


Volunteers Needed:


*Models *Security *Musicians *Electricians

*Graphic Designers *Construction Crews *Clean Up Crews

*Web Designers

*Dancers *Block Party Hosts *Volunteer Drivers


WHY? City Wide Party?

Promote community awareness,

promote tourism,

Stimulate Evansville, IN economy, and

Help new and start-up businesses grow…

Just ONE MORE reason


Evansville, Indiana

and help spread the word about cancer.

Contact Me:

Mamma Rae, RitaAnn~, Lampy

and all those other names youth call me behind my back. 

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African American History

The Washingtons of Wessyngton Plantation was nominated for the Oprah Book Club selection in the Historical Books genre in 2010.

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Are All Seeds Fertile?

Well, are all seeds fertile? Are all bees working? naww honey, cause if so everything would be sweet as honey! well it is just a little but it is kind of bitter, we not better than the rest or worse than the best, we just all in the middle so don’t fall for the riddles, of fallen angels they fell cause they decision, so catch up to my mission my wordplay incisive, so I improvise on whats been derived from my enlighten, Can you see now how these streets wild? how the young men & women go insane they’re mentally deranged, emotionally in cage, & physically in pain so pray for better days!


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Palestine and Israeli Teens come together in love and song.

As the news bring bad, to worse information to the world, there is a group of teens coming together to bring peace to their nations in song, team work, camping, and hugs.

Let’s cheer these young people on in prayer, pats on the back, financial backing and encouraging words.

Young people from the war torn regions of Israel and Palestine are coming together in the most unusual ways and apparently leaving with a much better view for the world and their homelands. With this type of dialog, youth who have burdens that are outside of most Americans understanding are working through things they will face for the rest of their lives if not addressed now. In hopes of making a better world for everyone, they put aside the fears, religion, and hurts they all endure as young people at war.

Personally, this is where our money should be going instead of all the guns we pay for to make this war. (according to online people around the world, the US is supplying and paying for war around the world.) I don’t have this evidence, but I do see hope in this group of young people.

What would the world be like if we spent more funds supporting this type of love?

Brain Injury Recovery

The information found on this site is a gentleman working to make Brain Injury Recovery an easy resource for those who are recovering from brain injury.

Marty Salo Story Brain Injury Recovery

Surviving Traumatic Brain Injury

If you or someone you know has a brain injury, pass this information along.



E=MC2 What?!

How Einstein Discovered the equation.

It’s an interesting video, I think you’ll like it.


Mrs. RitaAnn~

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Fibonacchi?! Love it!

Alright, this isn’t your math class, this isn’t your little grandma that sits behind the desk asking you to recite numbers and equations to memorize. This is the stuff genius is made of.

Now, it’s a little over six minutes long, take that time out for the first lesson and see what you’re made of…. a little genius?…. let’s see.

Whether or not you have a G.E.D. or a college diploma, this will help YOU go to the next level.

Now sit down, let’s do this.