A little about this Tribe

“If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.”

– Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

With all the talk about Tribes and Teams I had to share:

I’m not much of a warrior in most senses of the word.

When I think ‘warrior’, I think competition, winning, my brother an sisters, and never backing down. That’s just not me in so many ways.

I’m almost 5′, I weigh 105 lbs. They say I’m tiny. I’ve always been awkward and backward with speaking to people. I don’t win basketball or tennis matches. I was never a cheerleader, baton twirler or mountain climber; though I tried out and didn’t make it.

I’m just ‘me’.

However, if you want to know what I am good at then take a moment to read about who I am.

Though I’m tiny, I face giants without fear;  Meth, Crack, Racism and poverty.

The people I’ve taken in over the years are not considered winners, some are the children of addicts, prostitutes and drug dealers. I lost count after 45 children. They were not foster children, no money was taken to care for them. They have been street kids, abused, afraid, lonely.

I have had little confidence in myself my whole life. I am full of boldness when I tell them they can do anything, that the stars are the limit and to keep moving forward, learning, and have faith that their purpose will be revealed.

I have tried to love unconditionally, because I know that they may not have ever experienced love or true kindness.  Unfortunately, I know there is little love on the streets for them and I have to send them back out, so unconditional love is painful and heartbreaking. It weighs more than I do sometimes.

Maybe I’m not the warrior you were wishing for, maybe I’m more like the bow, the one that nobody really thinks about, and I’m pointing the arrows toward their targets.  But that bow is still needed to make the ‘mark’ happen.  And without the bow, wouldn’t the warrior would be hungry?

We’re (this tribe) is working to help the elderly and handicapped in our community.

Please partner with us to make a difference.

We’re also working to keep some of these kids off the streets.

Plans for a Teen Homeless Shelter is underway. I’m making plans to work with Aurora to help with ideas and fundraising efforts

If you drink coffee, tea, hot cocoa, support the youth in the community. Give them something to sell that’s legal, healthy and a wonderful top selling product.

Mrs. Rita, Mamma Rae, Lil Rae, RitaAnn~ (and all the names my teen probably mumbles under his breath.)

…..mom to many not my own.

A little about us: Gods Homies https://godshomies.wordpress.com

Just a few of the great “Leaders of the Next Generation”.



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