Grace Christian Academy


             Latin:  edeko

                                  to educe, to draw out,

                                                  develop from within.

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High School Dropout?

Want to get your G.E.D? Don’t seem to fit in? Don’t get it? Wanna give up?


Here’s a place for learning that structures learning around you, your gifts and talents, and the future you have in front of you.

Grace Christian Academy is one on one teaching from people who WANT to see you succeed even more than you do.

There is no school, there is no lessons. It’s a mindset.

Now, Step One:

Ask yourself: Do you want to keep going hungry? Do you LIKE being without?

When you TELL YOURSELF you WILL do well in learning, then you will.

So, step one is: Repeat after me…..   I LOVE  LEARNING, then say it again. LOL

Ok, you get the drift.

What you’ll learn:


Business Skills

ONLINE One on one interaction with teachers at the time you can work via video chat.

Online Videos, and interactive sites.

Science = Linda Gale

Art (Bob Zoss = artist) (videos)

Black History (through historical black figures and information)(REAL History)

American History

Curriculum according to the standards of EVSC

Here are some articles we’d like to share: (updated periodically)

The Value Of A College Degree

Lapbooks are a great way to learn and retain the information. Stimulating the senses in several different ways will help recall and retention. (It will help you remember) This particular video is for children, but by seeing the demonstration, you’ll get the idea.

Start by thinking about what you’d like to learn. (Geography? China maybe?) Any subject will do but search out some of the things you’d like to learn about and start there.

I think you’ll enjoy this project.




We'd love to hear from you, where you from, what brought you here etc. Please leave a reply.

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