+How does YOUR BRAIN compare to this sunset?

Do you see the hearts and 'V's? Seeing the symbols help the reader get an understanding of transmitting pulses.
Do you see the hearts and ‘V’s? Seeing the symbols help the reader get an understanding of transmitting pulses.
        Compare this sunset at its peak to the largest quasar in the universe. Do you see the purplish “V, the pulse generator in the picture below? Wow – God’s beauty and perfect Masterful Code! Recently, a professor from Columbia University was teaching quantum mechanics and it absolutely made NO sense! He said, You put a cat in a closed box and he may be scratching, yawning, shaking, sleeping, etc., bu…t when you open the lid he is sitting there looking at you – all the while he is still conducting the conclusive activity even though you only see the sitting position.
        In the Horse Whisperer, Monty envisioned that his tamed/wild horses would not go beyond the borders he set in his mind. And they never crossed that boundary – not one time! The same “mind-set-visual”  held true for a deer that showed up on his ranch!  Monty’s focus was based on concentration, light waves, and the Pulse chamber he created by the focus – the established V!  I teach Quantum physics throughout my book and it is so simple – the reader is unaware of this profound learning that is concisely based on time, space, matter, and a Masterful Pulse Code – simply, contraction and expansion – the pulse inherent in the “V”.
     If you are outdoors and can feel a breeze, the blowing limbs of the tree are obvious, however, the moving energy is not visible until the pulse builds by the speed and forms a visible, contractive/expansive-driven funnel. Did you know that the brain contains billions of funnels attached to tree limbs, and they represent the transmitting vehicle for the learning/memory process? The recordings for thoughts take place through the firing, spinning forces. The firing images of the brain would be somewhat similar to the sunset and quasar. Light and sound waves innate to the spiraling chambers become the brain’s built-in video recorder! Science cannot explain how thoughts occur, therefore, when definitive patterns are apparent in repeated behavior such as Tourettes, autism, anorexia, etc. they are “stuck” without answers. Because there has never been significant meaning applied to symbolism, disorders of the brain have remained a mystery. I will be covering all of these compulsive behavioral patterns and the reader’s understanding will be visually based. Without convoluted thoughts and missing links, the clarity is achieved through Quantum Physics 101!  When this kind of learning is applied, you will see the world from the lens of Creation and God’s deeply rooted Masterful Plan!
Delving Deeper into the Sunset and the Human Brain Oversight: notice the dark heart at the top of the sunset and and the fish with a diamond-like flaring tail!? The light bluish/purple V with the 2 U’s [whirlpooling generators] appear to be upholding the pulse of the heart above. Scan your eyes down to the vertical pic below. The larger V could be the contractive tail for the funnel – an image per…taining to the entirety of the sunset. The dark areas other than the lay of the mountains correspond to the contractive part of the pulse, principles relative to lightning and crashing thunder. By this profound visual you now have “relating knowledge” to the black holes in the galaxy, a phenomenon that is unexplainable by science! This is an example of how children can be taught critical thinking. Today’s education system must be changed. A solid foundation based on Creation allows a total understanding of all sciences! This learning can begin with 2-year olds. After all, their first drawing is a circle with radiating spoke; their innate impression of the sun could be relative to the very center of the brain that shows the radiating sun at the head of a fish according to actual brain scans! I share details in my upcoming video.
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