Flashing Fire and Ice?!

Remember, how the sun looked on Jan. 5th and I said it was producing the images [pulse generators established by the light-transmitting V’s] for its governing fire cycle peak? Shortly afterwards we had blizzard in the Northeast and tornadoes in the Southwest. Next the building pressure of the sun releases in a light-driven meteor! Profound, visible results of fire and an explosion. The third happe…ning is a blizzard in the north – Dakotas and Minnesota – tornadoes in the south, once again. The fire/ice pattern is meeting at the converging point of the Ohio and Mississippi River. A “huge V” with spreading spokes also will serve as a generating whirlpool in order to bring the extreme lows and highs to a balancing point. The base of the V aligns to Evansville and the division between a wintery mix and rain follows I-64. The Interstate is irrelevant, but the lay of the rivers that feed into the Ohio make this definitive difference. I relate weather patterns to the fire in the mountains and to their circulatory system [the rivers] that must be adjusted to one another and to the corresponding ocean. A blizzard in Minnesota slows down the headwaters of the Mississippi and its northern tributaries. Therefore, faster flowing [whirlpooling] waters on the south end must compensate by the fire inherent in whirlpooling tornadoes! The whirlpool has already been put in place prior to the fire/ice event – profoundness shown on the weather map! The blizzard/hurricane that took place in Boston on Dec, 7, 2005 prompted the screams – the World is Coming to an End. . . . This event is explained in my book on page 116. By the way, the Russians that witnessed the fall of the Meteor, yelled, “It is the End of the World.” When you read Chapter 13 in “God and Science Bridged as One” your eyes open and you will see the bigger symbolic picture of how God is sending visible and audible signs of how HIS anger is growing toward the fallen World.
In Chapter 15 your spirit will be lifted and you’ll have a peace of mind as God reveals His LIGHT relating to the galaxies and the very core of DNA!
 Copyright 2\18\2013 Linda Gale
It Makes Sense. NET

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