KNOW your Constitutional Rights

I found this page on the Constitutional Rights and Amendments. I thought it would be helpful.

This page is also for those who cannot read for various reasons, the sight can also read it to you.

There’s a quiz to also help you.

Amendment One
Freedom of Religion, Press, Speech, Assembly, Petition
Amendment Two
Right to Bear Arms
Amendment Three
Right to not have to quarter Soldiers and seizures
Amendment Four
Right to be free from un-reasonable searches and seizures
Amendment Five
Right to grand jury indictment, no double jeopardy, freedom from self-incrimination, due process of law
Amendment Six
Right to be in-formed of charges be present when wit-nesses speak in court, to call defense witnesses, to have a lawyer.
Amendment Seven
Right to a jury trial in civil cases
Amendment Eight
Freedom from excessive bail and cruel and unusual punishment
Amendment Nine
Guarantee of rights not listed in Constitution

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