Hurricane Katrina~ God’s Homies Steps In!


“The man who cannot follow a leader intelligently

                          cannot become an Efficient Leader” 


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The Potters Wheel in Evansville, Indiana worked diligently

to provide the fastest relief to victims of hurricane Katrina.

I had and still have family in Louisiana so there was

the greatest desire to help. Though we were unable to contact my

immediate contacts, we were reaching out to churches and organizations in need.

Gods Homies was right there helping!

This group of kids helped in so many areas I couldn’t possibly list them all.

The Potters Wheel couldn’t have done it without these kids!

Here’s what the youth did with no money. Only the arms and legs they were given at birth.

They helped fill and send 17 semi trucks from Evansville, IN to MS and New
Orleans for Hurricane relief efforts.

They helped in the Evansville, IN tornado relief

17 Semi Trucks! Now that’s a lot of stuff!!

Here are just a few things they assisted in:

*Collecting every type of donated item imaginable

*Helped organize, label, load and unload donations

*Set up and retrieved food boxes in community for donations

*Manned stations were donations were being accepted

*Separated, Organized, and shelved donations.

This sparked a beautiful desire in many of the youth to donate

their time in our community outreach.

Though much of the youth is ‘without’ so much, they saw others

with less than themselves. This sparked a desire to use the gifts and talents they did have to help others in our community.

This consisted of, but was not limited to:

*Food basket delivery in the community (already in place but sparked them to help)

*Painted, baby sat, helped prepare meals, cleaned houses and more.

These kids are the greatest!

They didn’t have any money, just gift and talents, arms and legs and hearts

to help those in need.


Use your gifts and talents to help us help others.

(They forgot they had needs themselves)

Volunteer in your local community.


Do YOU have what it takes to be a God’s Homie?


not everyone has money, but everyone does have a gift or talent that can be used to help others in their own community.

Go ahead, I challenge you to do something for someone else today.

Mamma Rae

aka Mrs. Rita