What did you do to your hair?!

Have you heard any of these?: 

“Do something with that hair!” or “You’re not about to step out of this house with that hair looking like that!”

“I know you heard me tell you to do something with that mess” or any other ‘hair whoes’

Do you have:



Heavy Hand when doing hair?

Tender Headed?

Wonder which grease, oil, sheen or other hair product is best for your hair?

Tell us about your hair.

Send us photos of your favorite hair styles.


Here’s a little information about the Science of your hair:

“Did you know that every section of the head relates to a particular organ? Thus, hair patterns such as parts, cowlicks, graying around the hairline, baldness, dullness, dryness. etc. actually expose the condition of the connected organs. Would you like to know more and how to build a maximum shiny, lively-looking head of hair from the inside? Of course, good products and hair stylists make a difference too!”

Found On: Linda Gale Quantum Physics and Your Hair



Start Here with Mrs. Linda Gale’s First Book in the Series It Makes Sense

First Book in the Series

Sneek Peak Quantum Physics 



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